Big Butt surgery Gone Wrong! Mother Of 5 Dies !

buttocks lift surgery went wrong having only gone through with the operation because a down-payment of $4,000 was non-refundable.
Naples resident Maribel Cardona, died shortly after augmentation surgery performed at Vanity Cosmetic Center in Miami in July, according to the results of an autopsy published on Monday.
Tragically, Cardona tried to cancel the procedure because of the risks involved but suffered cardiac arrest following a pulmonary embolism which developed shortly after her plastic surgery. Brazilian buttock implants involve transfer of fat from one part of the body to another and embolisms are a risk when the tube used to boost the posterior pierces blood vessels, inserting fat particles into the bloodstream. Cardona’s neighbor, Amy Spinelli, said that the mother learned of the clinic through a friend and wanted to go there because it was inexpensive.
However, Spinelli said that Cardona’s son was set-against the surgery and managed to persuade her to cancel it.
But according to Cardona’s son, the clinic said that the down payment of $4,000 for the surgery was not going to be returned to the Walmart cashier – so she went ahead with the surgery.
The operation was performed by Anthony Hasan, who told the Miami Herald that approximately five minutes after the operation in July, he was told by the anesthesiologist that Cardona was conscious but her oxygen and blood pressure was too low.
She did not respond to the treatment she was given for this and was taken to Kendal Regional Medical Center, where she passed away from a lung embolism, or blockage, caused by fatty tissue.
Onelio Garcia, a professor at the University of Miami, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with 30-years experience, said that this should not have happened.
Indeed, while Hasan is not certified as a plastic surgeon and is actually a dermatologist – in Florida it is legal for any doctor, regardless of their speciality to perform cosmetic surgery. Hasan’s online biography at Vanity says that he is a specialist in breast augmentation surgery, in addition to liposuction and tummy tucks.
There does not appear to be any mention of buttock lifting expertise.
The Miami doctor has said that Cardona is his first serious incident ever with a patient and that he has been operating on patients since 1999.

In 2007, Hasan was sued for malpractice and reached a settlement with the patient.
In addition to this, Hasan was on probation in July when he performed the surgery and had to be under the indirect supervision of a doctor.
This was because he pleaded guilty to conspiring and cooperating to commit fraud and giving out a prescription medication,Viagra, with labels containing false information.
‘Those charges have nothing to do with the practice of surgery,’ Hasan said in July. ‘I lent my name to someone I trusted and he abused it.’
Hasan said he does not have malpractice insurance due to its cost, he said. ‘Like 95 percent of plastic surgeons.’
‘I checked everything that had to be checked and, honestly, I don’t believe I could have done anything different,’ the doctor said of Cardona’s surgery.
Maribel Cardona is not the only patient who has had a medical emergency following buttock implant surgery at the Vanity center.
In November, Linda Escanaverino was hospitalized for four days and needed a blood transfusion following her operation.


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