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Mariah Carey Takes ex-aide to court.

American R&B and Soul singer, Mariah Carey, has taken her former
Personal Assistant, Lianna Azarian to court for allegedly blackmailing
her with an “Embarrassing Video.”

According to a copy of a lawsuit , Mariah Carey says she was betrayed
in a huge way by Azarian, who secretly recorded her doing
“embarrassing” things and then threatening to release the videos unless
the singer brings Eight Million Dollars, TMZ said.


HIV-Positive Student Secretly Videotapes Himself Having Unprotected Sex With 31 People In 4 Months.

nn Prosecutors tell News 4 they now know more than 30 people could have gotten HIV from a former student at Lindenwood University who allegedly knew he had the deadly disease. He is accused of knowingly giving it to others. In October, Michael Johnson, 22, was charged with exposing sexual partners to […]