Trump:”Nigerians live in huts, All Haitians have AIDS,” Emma Ike Agu, reacts!

According to New York Times News report: Donald Trump exploded with vitriolic and racist comments — saying all Haitians have AIDS and mocking Nigerians — during a heated White House meeting about immigration, last Saturday.

Trump grumbled as he entered the Oval Office, dressing down his national security team and railing against the number of immigrants who had entered the country since he took office.

He said he looked like a fool as the number climbed and he failed to make good on his promise to curtail the number of foreigners coming to America, sources told The New York Times.

Trump fumed at his top security team, reading from a list and complaining that 15,000 immigrants arrived from Haiti.

They “all have AIDS,” he said.

He read on, complaining that 40,000 people had come from Nigeria.

They would never “go back to their huts” in Africa, the President griped, a pair of officials told The Times.

My Personal take.

In a week this President ought to be celebrating his first legislative victory, Donald Trump is yet again creating problems that put his signature achievement on the sidelines. On his latest tweet, he attacked the outgoing FBI’s deputy director, Andrew McCabe, for telling the truth! As the White House scrambles to denounce New York Times News report on what this President said against the Haitians and Nigerians, we all know what Trump is capable of, even a 3rd grader can attest that Trump would say those things New York Times alluded to him as saying. The New York Times reporter who broke the news also came out to defend it. Those were classic and typical Trump frequent racially hate-filled outbursts. The man has no love for minorities. It is no hidden secret.

Donald, most of the expensive houses in America, (including your towers) were built literally with ply-woods. The homes here are like a pack of cards compared to houses you see in Lagos, Kano or Owerri, Nigeria to mention but a few. You need to travel to these African Cities and see. According to News Survey, Nigerians are the most educated immigrants living in the United States of America. This Trump of a man is grossly uninformed, out of touch, brash, and acts daily like a man with a child’s brain. Shame on you!

Also, All Haitians living in the US don’t have AIDS. On a daily basis, I meet eminent Haitians who work very hard, pay their taxes. I know many Haitians who run reputable business in this Country. The Haitians are one of the most peaceful nationalities living in America. This writer is of the opinion that Trump should resign or be impeached. 65% of Americans don’t want Trump as their President. We are tired of seeing your tweets filled with hates against minorities and have-nots, living peacefully in this Country. Enough of an erratic President in the WHITE HOUSE!


Emma ike Agu is a Nigerian-American, popularly known as Alabama. He is a world-class musicologist, Media Guru and entrepreneur



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